Saturday, October 1, 2016


Where is the love?
Another senseless killing on the news
Daily dose of negativity
just to bring in views

a sleeping baby dies in a car
cause a pos parent
didnt think or didnt care
to find anything positive on the news
now is rare

A bunch of people die in a club
or a church or a mall
cause some politician
wants to make a point to us all
wants to push their own agenda
and shove it down our throats
while more important issues
are ignored

dont watch the left hand
and ignore the right
for a clearer picture
keep both his hands in sight

we are all the same
i say it all the time
we are brothers and sisters
in the brotherhood of man

one race
one world
united we must stand
if we dont stand together
we all will surely fall

peace is the only way
we can all stand tall

one race
the color of our bloods the same
we all came from the same place
bigotry is lame

all lives matter
and decent people
respect them all
united we stand
divided we fall