Friday, January 2, 2015


It takes 1 to fall in crush
to think you hold the moon above
to think about you night and day
and pray you never go away
to smile whenever you cross my mind
to dream about you all the time
to wish upon a star that someday
just maybe you might feel this way

it takes 1 to long for your touch
and know that i want you too much
but my aching heart
just cant let go
or it will have nothing to live for

it takes 2 to fall in love
and i thought you loved me
but i was wrong
all along and now i see
there was nothing between you and me
and i was never in your heart                
although i thought that we could work  
and i loved you from the start

it takes 2 to fall in love
to grow old together with the stars above
it takes passion that will never die
compassion and hope and happiness inside
true love never dies
and it never fades away
i knew you didn't love me
when you turned and walked away