Monday, December 23, 2013

invisible to you

youll never know how much you mean to me 
because you could not care less 
you get your heart broke 
time and again  
by those you think you want 
while we remain friends 
i mean nothing to you 
but i am the one who
cannot live without you 
i am the one who cannot stop 
thinking about you 
i am the one you should be with 
i am the one who would cherish you 
but you dont see me 
you dont want me 
you chase after others who do you wrong 
and miss out on the love 
we could be making all night long 
is it wrong to love you 
to think of you all the time 
is it wrong to need you 
to have you always on my mind 
is it wrong to wonder 
how your lips would taste tonight 
am i wasting my life 
waiting for the time to be right? 
i am unseen 
invisible to you 
you never think of me  
but i cannot live without you