Monday, December 23, 2013

invisible to you

youll never know how much you mean to me 
because you could not care less 
you get your heart broke 
time and again  
by those you think you want 
while we remain friends 
i mean nothing to you 
but i am the one who
cannot live without you 
i am the one who cannot stop 
thinking about you 
i am the one you should be with 
i am the one who would cherish you 
but you dont see me 
you dont want me 
you chase after others who do you wrong 
and miss out on the love 
we could be making all night long 
is it wrong to love you 
to think of you all the time 
is it wrong to need you 
to have you always on my mind 
is it wrong to wonder 
how your lips would taste tonight 
am i wasting my life 
waiting for the time to be right? 
i am unseen 
invisible to you 
you never think of me  
but i cannot live without you 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


April comes at last
Bringing warmer weather and April showers
Listening to the rain on the roof
I think of May flowers
Mayflowers bring pilgrims
And April is also Earth month
When people take the time to be a little more conservative
With their utilities and talk of saving whales and such
And April brings Easter or this year it was in March but still
April brings Springtime when the clocks change and
The weather gets nicer and Spring is a time of renewal
When people take a look at their life and set goals to make important changes
Some of which occasionally get changed
And April is also National Poetry Month when poets get a little more attention than usual maybe
And when the world stops to listen
And maybe even clap
Maybe shed a tear or snap their fingers in approval
Maybe feel something special that they havent felt in a while
And love it and maybe just maybe they want to bookmark that poem and come back to read it again someday
Just because they love the way it makes them feel
Or because it makes them think of something important that they need to do that they had forgotten about for a while
Maybe a poem can touch a heart
Or touch a soul
Or turn a head
Maybe it can make people stop what they are doing for a bit and listen
And maybe it can change the world
Happy Poetry Month mes amies.

Monday, March 18, 2013

of depression and loneliness

Depression is a cancer that eats away your soul until there is nothing left inside you except a gigantic empty hole. Loneliness is the fuel that keeps the fire going until one day you don't wake up in the morning.
Suicidal thoughts come from the devil who sits beside you in your empty room when you wake up in your empty bed. He tells you how you will always be alone until the end and if there is no one to tell you he is wrong he sometimes wins.
A long time ago he told me i would die alone. As it turns out he wasn't wrong. You can fight your demons as long as you have the strength to win, but they always win in the end.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Red hands in a house of white

How do you sleep nights
With the red blood on your hands
In your house of white?