Monday, October 24, 2011


Monday, October 10, 2011


A fictional country
Where I am King
And the Poet Lauriet
And the Poet Supreme
Where things go right
All the time
And no tears are shed
Because no one cries
Where I can do or be anything
I desire
And never get sick
And never get tired
Somewhere beyond the rainbow
In a land far, far away
Was a place for dreamers
Down Camelot way  



Turning words into art
Sculptures made of letters
Beautiful to the ears
Soothing to the soul
Word sculptor

Never lose sight of the brass ring

Never lose sight of the brass ring
Its the struggle not the prize that is the thing
But if you lose sight of the goal
Then you lose the ambition to become whole

A Couplet

A couplet is much too short
perhaps i should abort

A couplet a day
keeps the blues away

A couplet is just two lines
easy to do if you do not have much time

Under the Laurel Tree

Under the Laurel tree
A butterfly flitters by
A babbling brook runs to the sea
A bluejay builds a nest to raise its family
And a versifier tries to write a poem or three
Apollo looks down and smiles
As the poet drifts off to sleep

Left Behind

Left behind
the girl of his dreams
the love of his life
the home they shared
the town he lived in
the truck he drove to the office every day
the games he loved to play
the country he served
not alone but lonely
living in unfriendly territory
he promised to return soon
but it was not really up to him
missing her every day
calling to hear her voice
chatting for a short time online
watching the mail for her letters and
care packages
praying for a safe tour
and a speedy return
he left us behind
but he will return
we know he will
because we pray for him

Masterpiece of a Proud Father


You shape your children like a potter.
Building character like shaping clay and water.
Making them into something you can be proud of.
A beautifully crafted creation of the potter.
A masterpiece of a proud father.

Horton Hears a Hey

Horton was sitting in the hay
One day
Could've been a Saturday
But anyway
Horton was rockin to his mp3 in the hay
When he heard a tiny voice say "Hey!"
Now Horton was an elephant of mucho grande heart
But that tiny voice gave Horton a start
He lept to his feet
Which was no small feat
Then he felt something squish under his feet
He looked down and lost his gum
And that's the story of
When Horton met Tom Thumb


Saturday, October 8, 2011

A visit to Wonderland

What is this strange place
i find myself in?
there goes a white rabbit
shouting "late again".
down a rabbit hole
the hare slides away.
i follow his lead
and slide into a sunny day.

outside two toy soldiers
are painting white roses red.
hurry they say or she will
have our heads.
a strange smiling cat
appears by my side.
the queen is coming he tells them
and he tries to hide.
he turns invisible
except for his smile.
those bright white teeth
you can see for a mile.

"oh dear. oh my."
the toy soldiers cry
as a walking, talking card
catches my eye.
she approaches the soldiers
and grabs their paint cans of red,
but she does not help them.
she yells "off with their heads"
then she looks at me
"and him too" she says.
then a bunch of cards run to us
on this lovely day.
and as the soldiers cringe
i take a deep breath
and blow the cards all away.

what a strange dream i think
as i walk away
into this strange place
on this very strange day.
after that i do not recall
what happened next.
but i awoke in my bed
somewhat perplexed....

http://www.flexwriterscreativenetwork.net/members/profile/696/Ray Nichols

Its always a good time to lend a helping hand

Its always a good time
to lend a helping hand
together we can change the world
and save the lives of our fellow man

Stop the violence

Stop the violence
break the chains
together we can
make a change

Another tear falls down

Another tear falls down
As someone's baby
Is laid to rest
Another drop of blood is spilled
For a little money in the west
Another hero dies to
Save a life
In the middle east
All because someone
Does not want peace

A moment in time

A moment in time
A thought on my mind
No paper or pen
The thought is gone again
Creativity always seems to blossom
At the worst possible times
If you don't write it down
It becomes a lost rhyme
Floating in limbo
Lost for all time

Homeless Americans

Homeless Americans
Paying the price for the bankers greed
Trying to survive in a world gone mad
Hoping for a change in the economy
Praying for divine intervention
Looking for kindness and hope
Clinging to the American dream
Evicted from the homes that they worked so hard to build
Fading into the shadows like the country that betrayed them
Our world's future depends on the success of its people
Stop the madness
Break the chains
Make a stand
Its time for change

Violent Tendencies

Violent tendencies
Does it matter who gets hurt?
Does it matter who dies?
Does it matter who gets left behind?
Does it matter how we treat our fellow man?
Does it matter what our children see on the news?
Does it matter if someone dies tonight that
Might have changed the world tomorrow?
Can we make the world a better place?
Can we stop the violence?
Are all the answers here the same?

Good morning angel

Good morning angel
So good to see you today
Love you forever